Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Ultrasound

We got to have our first ultrasound this week. I had a little bit of a hard time not peeing myself after drinking a ton of water in preparation, but I managed. Once the tech turned on the screen so we could see our little peanut, I was totally in awe and mesmerized. I could have cared less if I had to pee. Maybe I am just biased, but Tal and I have one cute little baby in my belly. Little peanut was so cute wiggling around in there. He/she kept putting his/her hand up by his/her nose. It was adorable! We got a great picture too.

After the ultrasound Tal and I went to the Coldplay (my favorite band) concert in Portland. He got me tickets for Valentine's Day. It was so awesome! The best concert I have ever been to. I think Baby Peanut really enjoyed it too. We saved our tickets to put in the baby's scrapbook. It was his/her first concert. The next day was a little rough after lack of sleep, I slept 12 hours the following night!

I am now officially thirteen weeks and headed in to my second trimester. I am feeling a ton better! The only time I feel nauseous now is when I need to eat. I actually have a pretty cute little bump going on and I find myself rubbing my tummy all the time. It is just so much fun! It is so much fun thinking I am already in my second trimester. A little less stressed now about things and just really enjoying being pregnant and sharing this experience with Tal.

Tal asked me the other day if he needed to start reading to the baby yet. He is so sweet. I told him soon. He has been doing awesome taking care of me and making sure I feel okay. I am really loving it.

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  1. So sweet! Matt said Tal was headed off to an ultrasound this week so I was waiting for this post! ;) Glad you're feeling better already. Can't wait to see that baby bump!!!