Sunday, April 15, 2012

9 Weeks!

I hit the 9 week tomorrow. Baby is the size of an olive now! How cute! One week away from our next doctor appointment. I am really looking forward to the appointment and the possibility of hearing little Wold's heartbeat. I have been really nauseous the last couple of weeks. So happy that this week is spring break so I don't have to worry about feeling sick. I have been enjoying lying around in sweats and comfy pj's, taking naps when I want, and being lazy. I keep telling myself that I need to enjoy this quiet time, it won't last much longer.

Really trying to eat healthy, but it is hard when sometimes nothing sounds good. I am really loving fruit and carbs. Meat just sounds horrible.

I went to a prenatal yoga class yesterday and really enjoyed it. I also picked up a prenatal yoga DVD and I cannot wait to use that too. Between walking and yoga I think it will really help me stay in shape throughout this journey.

I picked up a couple of maternity tops last weekend with my mom at Target. Just a couple of longer tanks and tees, a dress, and a pair of work pants. I am not showing yet, but some of my clothes are starting to get a little uncomfotable around the tummy area. At least now I can be comfortable at work.

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  1. Don't buy too many early stage maternity clothes. Instead, buy a belly band and some rubberbands. Use the rubberbands to loop around through the button hole of your pants, then the other end can wrap around the button. Then the belly band covers it up and helps keep your pants up. I only wore two pairs of maternity pants throughout my pregnancy. I did however, love the two pairs of maternity leggings. I wore them with longer shirts and sweaters I had.

    I am so excited for you. I am here for you whenever you have questions, no matter how odd they are.

    I also have some baby stuff you guys can have if you would like.

    Love you guys.

    Kelly DeLeon