Wednesday, March 14, 2012

7 weeks...12 weeks can't come soon enough!

I am officially 7 weeks tomorrow. According to The Bump I have a little blueberry in there wiggling around.

Symptoms: Insomnia hit this week. I have had a really hard time staying asleep. I will wake up in the middle of the night in a panic. I think I have been stressing too much about miscarrying. I need to stop reading about that before bed. I drank some tea last night, no caffeine, and not it was not herbal (bad for the preggo ladies), so that helped me relax a little bit. Nausea has hit this week too. No puking, thank God, but definite times when I feel like I could blow chunks. Had a moment today in the staff lunch room and had to sit on the floor. My fellow teachers thought I was crazy. I wanted so badly to tell them I was pregnant and sick, not flu sick. Still tired during the day and I have been pretty moody. My poor students, they are probably wondering why I am acting like a zombie and a total evil witch sometimes. Last night I bursted in to tears out of sleep frustration. My husband is so awesome though. I hope he realizes I am not trying to be a nut job.

Thoughts: I am dying for 12 weeks to come so I can spill the beans to everyone and stop worrying so much. I am naturally a worrier. When I told my mom about this she said, "welcome to parenthood, now you know why I would stay up all hours of the night when you were growing up." Tal's mom said the exact same thing to him when he was talking to her. Great moms think alike I guess! In the mean time I am telling myself to enjoy being pregnant and not to rush it.

I resigned from coaching cheerleading this week. For the past two years I have been coaching a high school team. I am really sad to leave my awesome girls and the amazing traditions we started. I know they will carry on our dream though.

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