Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Last Blog Post

I have decided to end my blogging career and turn this blog in to a book for Harper's 2nd birthday. I would like her to know how important she is to me and give her a book she can keep forever with stories of her first two years and my pregnancy. Writing my blog has been a great way to share with my family members out of town all of the happenings in our lives. I have enjoyed writing out all of the fun details as Harper has grown. This feels like the perfect time to finish this blog and publish it for my daughter.


I enjoy watching you learn and grow everyday. I feel so blessed to be able to spend my summers with you. We have really enjoyed playing outside in the backyard, going on walks and rides in the stroller, and going down to play at the park. You have developed in to such a fun-loving, energetic, independent, and bright little girl. I cannot believe that you will be turning two in just a few short months. I have already started planning your party just because Mommy is nerdy like that. We decided to do a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme since "toodles" is your absolute favorite. You constantly ask for "toodles." I am really looking forward to celebrating our first two years together at your party.

Sometimes I have to stop myself and just enjoy every little second with you. I get going so fast, worrying about cleaning the house, or school, or taking care of something, that I have to tell myself to stop and just enjoy every moment. The other day we were sitting outside because you LOVE "shide" as you say. We were eating our dinner together and you were sitting on my lap. I just gave you a big hug and told you how much I love you with tears in my eyes because I know that someday you won't want to sit on Mama's lap or you'll be too big. But I hope when you read this later in life you realize that I love you more than anything in the entire world and just spending time with you makes me feel the happiest. Every moment we have together is a true gift I cherish with all of my heart.

You are most definitely not a baby anymore. Here are some of the things you say or do that just make me smile.

  • You still adore books, they are your favorite things. You always come and sit in daddy's or my lap and want us to read with you. You have even started reading on your own in your adorable little voice. We have a couple of "My First Words" books with labeled pictures in them. You can go through all of the books pointing out the pictures and telling us what they are. Daddy and I were in awe of you last night when you were reading a "Wheels on the Bus" book (you love that song by the way). You flipped to each page and you knew exactly what that page was talking about and started doing the motions and singing the words to the song all on your own. You are so smart!
  • I mentioned above that you love "toodles" aka Mickey Mouse. Anything you see with Mickey Mouse or another Disney character on it you get so excited and start saying "toodles, toodles!" We were at the store the other day and you saw a birthday card with Disney characters on it. You were so thrilled, I just had to laugh. You are so funny!
  • I took you to the grocery store the other day and you loved pushing the mini shopping cart around the store. You were so careful and responsible pushing it around. It was so much fun watching you. You still love helping me at home and helping your teachers at daycare. You will be an excellent mommy or big sister some day. Some of the things you love to do are help me sweep, fold laundry, unload the dishwasher (it's funny watching you throw the silverware in to the drawer), take care of Poo, and put groceries away (or take all of the food out of the fridge and put it on the kitchen floor, silly girl). You are so helpful!
  • You are so caring and compassionate, you love animals, especially cats and dogs. You love to squat down and bark when you see or hear doggies, and you will go out of your way to chase after a kitty if you see one on our walks. You love to "pitchle, pitchle, pitchle" (tickle) Poo and pet her. Every once in a while you will give Daddy or me such a sweet hug or smooch or even pat our back. You are so sweet!
  • I took you to Grandma Ginger's house the other day to swim in her pool. You didn't like me holding you and wanted to swim and get in the pool all by yourself. Unfortunately, you cannot swim yet little girl. You love to do everything by yourself and you get pretty mad when someone tries to help you. You are so independent!
  • I cannot believe how much you are talking now. You can say short sentences and you are pretty good at communicating what you want, unless you're tired or hungry then watch out, Miss Attitude comes out. Usually you say "I want..." or you love to sing. You'll grab our hands and pretend to row with us and sing "row, row, row your boat." You answer our questions and you are pretty good at following directions too. You also love to dance. Mommy got Daddy a card that sang "What a Man" and you loved singing and dancing to that song over and over. The card didn't last too long. :) You are so talented!
  • You have always been a good eater. You love snacks including yogurt, Annie's fruit snacks, raisins, toast, veggie straws, macaroni and cheese, veggie nuggets, grapes, blueberries, and picking strawberries out of our garden and eating them. We are still in the process of potty training. You started going on the potty at daycare a few months ago and you continue to love to use the potty. We haven't been to rigorous with our training yet but we are working on it. You are a toddler now!
Here are some pictures from the last couple of months:

We took you to Willamette Valley Fruit Company for an Easter egg hunt. It poured down rain the minute the hunt started so you hunted for "balls" or eggs for only a minute or two.

Your first time coloring Easter eggs.

We went to the Shryock's house for Easter brunch after we went to church with them.

You were a flower girl in cousin Annissa's wedding in April. We drove all the way to Mt. Vernon, Washington. We had a great family trip and stayed at the casino with Grandpa Mitch, Grandma Mary, and Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Lamb. You kept wanting to run in to the casino to play and look at all of the lights, Mama was pretty tired chasing you around and trying to keep you out of there.

You love to smell flowers. Dada taught you that trick.

You loved feeding the Koi fish at the casino.

Mama took you to the Riverfront Carousel in Salem one day in the spring. We rode the carousel 3 times together. You loved this horse, it's name was Gigi!!

Dada ran his first half marathon in May. We went up to Portland to cheer him on. Gigi also ran in the race.

Cool dudette shades!

You were so tired of eating in your high chair and would get so mad when it was time to eat since you are a big girl now so Mama moved you to a chair at the table. You like it much better but you would prefer to run around outside and eat at the same time. That is your favorite. 

Here we are playing at the park together. You love to go "play" and always ask to go when we are outside. 

You love to "poosh" your babies in their stroller. Here you are with Poo taking the babies for a walk.

SUMMER TIME FUN! We are absolutely loving our summer together. Dada has been busy with basketball so we have been having a lot of Mama and Squirrel time. We go on walks, play outside, write with sidewalk chalk, play in the water, play bubbles, and water the plants together. 

Mama made you homemade popsicles to get summer started off right. Yummy!

Eating "outshide" with Mama. You love PB&J sandwiches just like Dada.

Mama got you a strawberry smoothie at the coffee stand the other day and you loved it. Of course, a lot of it ended up getting wiped on Poo. Poor Goldie!

Mama took you to visit Gigi when school got out. We went to garage sales together and had a blast. You are so funny! You went to Gigi's pantry, got out the peanut butter and started eating it right in front of Bruce and Myra. You were holding out your hand asking them to say "pease" (please) so you would share with them. Mama caught you in the act and we all died laughing!

Amber gave you a DVD player for the car so you can watch "toodles." Here are you are on our way home from Gigi's house. You managed to get your blankie on your head like that too.

Mmmm, you love ice cream. Every time we drive by Dairy Queen, which is right by our house by the way, you shout "I peam, I peam" (ice cream). 

On one of our walks. You love phones. You were using the garage door opener as a phone and having quite the conversation when I took this picture of you.

Well little girl. I am so proud of you and I am proud to be your mama. I can't wait to experience our lives together and watch you grow. You are the best part of my life. I love you Harper Lily. Happy 2nd birthday!