Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Cat's Out of the Bag...Finally!

We officially got to spill the beans this week, week 12! It started this past weekend by calling my grandma (my mom's mom). She was very excited to be a great-grandma. I even got to tell my great-grandpa he will be a great-great-grandpa again.

Next came the staff at school. We had a staff meeting Tuesday morning and at the beginning of the meeting our principal handed out a box of donuts I had brought. We made sure to give one box to Meryl, one of my fellow teachers, because she has been dying for me to have a baby. She opened the box and this is what she saw...

She immediately screamed, "I knew it!" Everyone was so excited. I got lots of hugs and then the water works started. I think it was all of the anticipation leading up to the big reveal. I have been waiting so long to tell all of them. OR, it could just be pregnancy hormones. I couldn't keep myself from balling. If you know me, I never cry. So this was new.

I got to share the news with family, friends, and my cheerleaders through e-mail today. Complete with a link to this blog and a pic of me. So much fun hearing their words of congrats and encouragement.

I revealed the news to my class of third graders today. I started by reading them a short Halloween book. Then explained to them that I was not crazy and yes I knew that it was not Halloween time but, something really special was going to happen around Halloween. I had them guess just to see what they would come up with and they guessed things like, "we're going to the pumpkin patch" or "we're going to the fair." Then I thought I would give them a hint. I had brought a little Halloween onesie to school a friend got me. I told them to close their eyes and then I showed it to them. Then one of my girls raised her hand and said "you're going to have a baby!" They were all really bubbly and talkative after that. It was hard to get them going to lunch but we managed. A couple of them told me they thought I was pregnant yesterday when I walked them to music because my tummy looked big (or that I had gained a bunch of weight from eating a lot (their words). They didn't want to say anything and be impolite or hurt my feelings. I just laughed. Kids are so funny. News quickly spread around our very small elementary school and soon I heard "way to go" and "good job" and "congratulations" from kids from other classes. It was so funny. They made my day. The other teachers in the building had a fun time reavealing the news to their classes too.

When I got home from school today I called my grandma and grandpa in Forks (my dad's parents). My dad was going to be there today so he could see their reaction. I told my grandpa first and he was very happy for us. Then Grandma got on and knew what was going on. She sent her love and hugs our way.

I am having so much fun spreading the news. I even put it on Facebook so now the whole world knows. It feels so good to share our wonderful news with everyone and feel the love and support.


  1. So very happy for you, Taryn! You are going to be an amazing Mama! And thank you for that great list of books. I'm slowly chipping away at it. Congratulations!!!!
    Even though it is hard to wait, isn't it so much fun waiting and planning fun ways to tell people? Love it!

  2. Oh Taryn, I am SO SO SO happy for you guys! You will make the BEST mom!!! This blog is so fun! Great idea! It will seem like no time at all before you're posting pics of your sweet little one on here! Enjoy every last moment of pregnancy! And I loved reading Fit Pregnancy in bubble baths when I was preggo. ;) Congrats, friend!