Saturday, December 7, 2013

More Fall Fun

It has been a while since my last post, sorry everyone! Tal started coaching Varsity basketball again a few weeks ago and so a lot of the day to day things are now left to just me. Needless to say, I have been one busy girl. Harper has also been a busy, little squirrel. She loves to walk/run around the house, pushing her little cart around. After school we walk Goldie together and she just giggles with joy running up and down the sidewalk as I chase her and Goldie around.

We put up our Christmas tree just after Thanksgiving and thank goodness I bought some plastic Christmas balls this year. She loves to take them off of the tree and dribble them. Same with Daddy's basketballs he brings home. Tal is so proud of his little girl that she loves to play with the basketballs.

Harper has really gotten in to talking. Some of her favorite words are Mama, Dada, Poo (Poodle for Goldie), bye bye, hi, nana (banana), baby (she is obsessed with baby dolls), bath, and Hoppa. She even learned to call my mom Gigi. It was so adorable. We call my mom's dog Bruiser (his name is Bruce) and Harper loves to whisper Bruiser all of the time now. I get a real kick out of singing Old MacDonald to her because she mimics the e-i-e-i-o part. It is hilarious!

Harper came down with a really nasty cold last week. She had an ear infection, eye infection, and very clogged sinuses. We spent some time at the doctor one evening and then took Goldie to the vet (she had a bladder infection), then had to spend almost an hour at the pharmacy getting her antibiotics and eye drops. By the time we left Harper was in full melt down mode (Mommy was too if I have to be honest.)

I am loving watching Harper discover all of the Christmas delights that I enjoy too. For example, watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and singing Christmas songs together. Whenever the Hershey's Kisses commercial comes on (the one with the kisses as bells) Harper stops what she is doing immediately and is totally mesmerized by it. So adorable!

Here are some more pictures of our cutie!


Harper is wearing my old shirt from the 80's in this picture and playing with one of her favorite "toys," the remote.

This little coat was given to us by our friends The Rowswells, it is so cute! Thank you!

Here is Harper trick-or-treating for the first time. She was a strawberry, and a very adorable one if I might add.

Harper is playing with her little, wooden Menorah from Grandma Jinny. She loves it!

I wish this picture would have turned out, she looks so sweet in it. Stupid camera!

Christmas card try. It came out blurry though. She is wearing a little Christmas apron from Grandma Jinny (Tal's mom).

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