Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Fun

Life sure has been busy around our house lately. I am absolutely loving the gorgeous fall weather we have been having. Harper and I love to go to the park after school and take her little Radio Flyer trike for a spin. With Halloween just around the corner, this is one happy girl. I have been dressing Harper in all of her adorable little Halloween outfits too.
I got in a baking mood today and made caramel apple crisp and sweet potato cranberry muffins. I just can't get enough candy corn either!
Here are some pictures of our fun times so far this fall...

Here we are at Black Butte for a quick weekend trip. Harper loved spending time with her cousins Alex and Jesse.

Tal and I dressed as Jack and Jill after the hill for our Halloween party this year.

Party time!

Here I am with one of my best friends. We've known each other since back in the day in Mr. Vernon's class at Tumwater High School. Lookin good Kressi!

Here are the ladies. Mom, me, Kressi, April, and Adriana.

We took Harper to the pumpkin patch this past weekend. She loved seeing everything that was going on. She got so mad though when we would pick her up. Now that she walks everywhere, she was not happy being carried around.

Finally! She was free from Daddy's grip.

She tried to pick up all of the pumpkins. Must be like Mommy, this girl is going to love Halloween too!

I took this picture with my camera upside down as we were walking together, her expression is just too stinkin cute!

Upset here...she couldn't hold all of the pumpkins and walk at the same time. The toddler attitude is really starting to come out in our little one.


Riding the tractors.

Harper is just such a character. She loves shaking her head no at everything we ask her. She also loves to say and wave bye bye, say uh oh, owl, and of course, Mama. She loves to play with electronics like the TV, remotes, cell phones, and the CD player at daycare. Sundays she goes to open gym with Daddy and has a ball chasing the basketballs around and hanging out with the high school girls. She still has a huge appetite and loves her fruits and veggies. I can't believe we have a 13 month old now. She is so much fun to watch.


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