Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our First Year Together

Wow! This year has flown by. I have been thinking a lot about how much our little family has grown in the last year. Not only has Harper grown from 3 lbs. 15 oz. to 21 lbs. 7 oz., but we have accomplished so much this year together. I look back last September to our quiet house of just Tal, Goldie, and me. Now we are busier than ever, watching Harper learn and explore, talk to us in her baby voice, and terrorize Goldie. I love my new life and I would not change a thing.

Harper took her first steps just two days after her first birthday! This is pretty impressive considering she was a preemie. I missed the whole thing though!!! Tal took her to get her 1 year shots and while they were waiting she walked 5 steps in the waiting room. The next day at daycare, she took 11 steps. This girl is all over the place now! At this point she just takes steps here and there but we are so proud of her for reaching that milestone so quickly.

It is amazing to me how smart Harper is. She turns the pages for me at night during story time, uses the "eat" and "done" signs, waves bye-bye, and loves to talk in her own language. She is really good at saying Mama and Dada. At daycare they block the baby area off from the toddlers. Well, I guess Harper, who is always determined to make things go her way, is the only toddler who will crawl through the exersaucer just to get in to the baby area and slobber all over everything. That crazy girl! Gotta love her!

Daycare has been going extremely well. She got right back in to her old routine with no problems. The first day I dropped her off she wanted down and was off and playing before I even left. She gets so excited now when I punch in the code on the keypad on the daycare door to enter the room (I love this security feature by the way since the daycare is in the high school). She starts jumping up and down in my arms and giggling. It's pretty stinkin cute.

Speaking of slobber, she now has 4 teeth. She started drinking whole milk this past week and loves it. We are almost done with bottles now. We're down to just one in the morning and one before bed. The great thing is...I am finishing up our last container of formula right now!! I am so excited to not have to buy formula anymore.

While I'm sad to see the baby days over, I am just so excited to see my toddler girl grow and learn. She amazes me everyday.

Here are some pictures of her from the past month:


Here is one of her favorite things to do, play around in the pantry. It sure does keep her entertained!

She was just too cute in the little outfit, jeggings and her squirrel shirt.

Another adorable school day outfit...owl romper dress, leggings, and polka-dot shirt. Man I sure do love dressing this girl up. You also see her favorite snuggly in her hand, her owlie.

12 month girl! The little bruise on her head was from her falling off the little play horse at daycare.

Tal had the greatest idea for her actual birthday. We went back to the Salem Hospital and ate at the cafeteria one year later from her birth. Salem Hospital's cafeteria is amazing by the way. Here we are sharing a grilled cheese and sweet potato tots.

Grandpa Mitch loves spending time with his granddaughter. Here they are snuggling after everyone left after her first birthday party.

Walking!!!! And playing with the remote, another favorite Harper pasttime.

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