Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Big Girl

Harper is such a big girl. We are amazed at all that she can do now. Our big girl weighs just over 17 pounds now. She sure has caught up fast!

This past month Harper has learned to sit up on her own. She can also roll over from her tummy and from her back. She can get up on her knees and attempts to move but still is not ready to crawl.

We are waiting for teeth to come. She still drools up a storm though!

She continues to enjoy eating her solid foods. She started to eat banana chunks through these mesh containers we got. Her face just lights up when she sees that thing coming her way. There are a couple of cute pictures of her eating her banana in one below.

Sometimes I think to myself how amazing it is that she can do all of these things after how early she came and how small she was when she entered the world. She amazes me everyday.

Harper continues to enjoy her sleep. She takes 4-5 small power naps (about 20-30 minutes ) during the day but then will sleep 10-11 hours at night.

Her newest thing I just die laughing at is she tries to "nibble" on you. She goes at you with her mouth open like a little animal. It is so stinkin funny. She also has discovered she can pull on Goldie's ears and wants to constantly grab Goldie. Poor Poodle!

Tal and I get a kick of how much she loves to hear herself. In the evenings we just lay her on a blanket and watch her kick and scream and talk. She can entertain herself, and us too, for hours. It is so much fun to watch.

We got a new bath tub seat from our friends Bill and Courtney (thank you Bill and Courtney) and Harper is in love with it. We have been bathing her in our kitchen sink up until this month. Well, she grew out of that and now sits in her big girl seat in the tub. She absolutely loved it when I first put her in there. She was kicking and splashing around like crazy. I just cracked up.

Harper is such a good baby. She is always happy, especially in the mornings. Tori, one of Harper's daycare teachers, just loves our happy girl in the morning. Daycare is awesome still. Harper loves going there and we know she receives excellent care everyday.

She had her first eye infection this month too. The daycare called me at work one day and I had to pick her up early. I took her to the doctor so they could check out her red and goopy eye (gross!). The doctor never gave us a diagnosis but gave us some drops and ointment for her eye and it cleared up pretty quickly.

We had some fun visitors this past month too. My high school/college friends came to visit. Kelly and Leah, and Leah's 17 month old son, Kellen, all came to visit last weekend. We took the kids on the carousel in downtown Portland, went to the park, and had a laugh fest. It was such a great time. I will post some pics from that weekend as soon as I get them.

Here are some pictures from the last month:

Harper's first trip to Big Town Hero (Daddy's favorite).

Harper with her Auntie Kelly shopping in downtown Salem.

Eating bananas!

Big girl bath time!

I love that little belly!

I have been training for a relay I am doing at the end of June with my staff. Here is a picture of Tal doing a 5K with me. He pushed Harper the whole way. She snoozed through the whole race!

Such a happy girl!

She is really interested in the camera. She kept wanting to grab it. She was kicking around and squealing as I was taking pictures.

Love that face!

My favorite one. I just love her little smile in this one.

Sitting up on her own now.

We love you so much Harper Lily!

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