Saturday, March 30, 2013

6 Months Old, Amazing How Half a Year Flies By!

I just cannot believe that Harper is 6 months old. She is growing so fast. I love seeing how much she learns each day. Tal was just commenting the other day on how much more "fun" she is. I think he meant how much more interactive she is. She loves to grab for her toys, my hair, Goldie, food, and anything else she can get her hands on. Harper loves the sounds of paper and plastic and has fallen in love with this stuffed elephant toy that has plastic inside that makes a ton of noise when she plays with it.

Harper started sleeping in her crib in her room this past week. It was hard to not have her sleep right next to me but she has been doing well. She slept 11 hours straight, which is pretty normal for her at night, the first night in her crib. We have a video/audio system that we can see and hear her at night so that has helped with the transition.

Big Girl also ate solid food for the first time this past week. It was a busy spring break for us! She LOVES her rice cereal. She grabs for the spoon and squeals with delight while she eats. She gets so excited when she sees us mixing her food now. It is hilarious.

Miss Harper had a nasty illness too. She caught bronchiolitis and an ear infection. Poor thing was so congested and had the worst cough. We took her to the doctor and she got on antibiotics and a steroid to help her cough. The stupid medicine gave her tummy aches and a horrible diaper rash though. Poor thing! She was miserable for about a week. She is much better now and eating and sleeping like our normal little Squirrel.

Since it was spring break Harper took her first trip to Olympia with me to visit family. This three hour ride could have been a nightmare but I left around her bedtime both ways and she slept the entire trip! I was so happy! We visited my mom, dad and step-mom, sisters, brother, friends, and also hit up some of my favorite hometown spots. We went to Darby's for breakfast, Bagel Brothers, Happy Teriyaki, Chopsticks, and Waterstreet Cafe. We were so busy the entire time. We had a blast though!

Here are some pictures of my growing girl. Look at those chubby cheeks she is getting. She weighs 15 pounds now!

Love that little booty!

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!

With Grandma and Grandpa Lamb and Great-grandma and Great-grandpa Lamb in Silverton.

With her Wold cousins at Uncle Matt's birthday party. Look at all of those girls!

Sitting up with a little help from Mommy.

Loved the mohawk!

Eating solid food for the first time. She was so happy!

Look at that smile!

Grabbing for the camera. She loves to grab things!

I love the look she is giving her owl.

Wearing summer clothes over spring break! Unheard of!

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