Sunday, May 19, 2013

8 Months Old Already!

Harper is such a great baby! She is always happy and smiling. I took her out shopping all day and she was so content all day long. I am one lucky Mommy.

Our girl amazes us everyday. Her latest funny is laughing like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. Tal started calling her Sheldon after she started doing this. It is true, she sounds exactly like him.

She loves to giggle and has really become talkative. Her daycare teachers commented on how much she has started "talking" lately. She is using consonant and vowel sounds now when she talks. I swear she says "momma." Everytime I walk in to pick her up at daycare she starts babbling "momma" and gets so excited. It just melts my heart. Speaking of momma, she has been a Mommy's girl this month. She always wants me to hold her and has even cried when someone else tries to hold her and I am nearby, even Daddy. (Poor Tal!) She will get upset when I leave the room too. What can I say, she loves me! And boy do I love her!

She loves rolling around on the floor. Flipping from her tummy to her back and vice versa. She scoots around backward on her tummy too. She can make it across our living room floor doing that pretty quickly. No crawling yet though.

She loves to sit up and watch everything around her, especially her poodle. When we picked up Goldie at the groomer the other day there was a boxer that had its front paws on the counter when we came in. Harper started crying so hard. She was so scared. But right when they got Goldie and brought her out Harper got a huge smile on her face. It was so stinkin adorable.

Harper still loves to eat, drink her bottle, and sleep through the night. No teeth yet, still drooling like crazy though.

I just feel so blessed and happy all the time. Harper has truly changed my life forever. I just cannot believe how much I adore being her Mommy.

Here are some pictures from the last month:

Look at that smile!

Trying so hard to move!

Mother's Day 2013

Harper and her cousins Alex and Jesse

The Wold side of the family

Harper with my mom (Gigi) and my brother, Ryan.

She did not want to smile. She was more interested in grabbing my camera.

Harper with Daddy. His 41st birthday is on the same day she turns 8 months old, May 20.

Happy birthday Daddy!

On her way to basketball practice with Daddy.

Happy 8 Month Birthday Harper Lily! We love you so much!

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