Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 Months and Summer Fun

Harper is really becoming quite a character. She has her own personality and can be quite the feisty little thing sometimes. I still remember the NICU nurses commenting on how tough and strong she was when she was born. I guess those traits are here to stay. I love having such an independent and strong-willed daughter. She makes me feel so proud.

Harper is crawling all over the house and is pulling herself up on to everything. She is starting to cruise and will even stand for a few seconds on her own before she falls on her padded diaper tush.

We have a Tal clone on our hands. She is so funny, just like her daddy. Harper thinks sneezes are hilarious. You should see her crack up laughing when someone sneezes.

The loves of our 10 month old include: cell phones, water bottles, chewing on EVERYTHING, nibbling on Mommy, pulling hair, exploring the house, playing with the door stoppers, playing in Goldie's food dish, kicking her feet and pounding them on the ground, and eating. She is really in to finger foods right now. Bananas, black beans, popcorn (minus the kernals), cereal puffs, pears, peaches, blueberries, she eats it all folks! Although she is eating a lot of solid food, our girl still adores her bottles. She has started going crazy whenever she sees us making them. It's like we never feed her or something.

Tal and I are loving our summer at home with Harper. We take her on walks up to our neighborhood park to swing and go on the slides, play in her backyard pool with her, and we have even had some nice trips. We took her to her first family reunion on my side. It was so great to see her interact with everyone. We also took her to Olympia to visit my friends and family up there.

She is working on getting her two upper teeth. This caused some sleepless nights for us. We even resorted to me sleeping with her for a few nights because that was the only way she would get a full night's sleep and not scream all night. We are really trying to get her back in to a bedtime routine again though. Last night we started our first night of her bedtime routine. After dinner we give her a bath, then she can play for a few minutes, then it is bottle time, then rocking and story time, and then we put her in her crib and turn on her sound machine. We haven't put her to bed awake before so this is new for her. She cried for about 10 minutes and then went to sleep and slept 12 hours! I am hoping that she will continue doing well with her new routine.

Here are some pictures of our growing 10 month old:

What a goofball!

Pool time!

Climbing up!

Here we are at the Stayton 4th of July parade.

More pool time. I love this little Gymboree outfit!

Hanging out at the family reunion.

Snoozing on Grandpa.

Playing with her cousin Jackson.

Not too many 10 month pictures this month. She was really not in the mood the day I took them.

We love you Harper Lily!

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