Saturday, December 29, 2012

Three Months...How Time Flies!

I cannot believe Harper is three months old and I am getting ready to go back to work. YIKES! I am excited to see my class and my co-workers, but I am so sad to not spend my days with my girl. Her little face just brightens my day. Tal is going to stay home with her for two weeks when I start back to work on January 7 so that will be nice to think about while I am at work. Then she starts daycare. I am nervous for her to start daycare but she will be in a daycare with only 6 babies/toddlers. It is really close to work and is run by the YMCA. I know the people who run it so that makes me feel a little better.

Harper continues to grow and grow. She weighed 10 pounds 6.5 ounces at her three month check up and was 22 1/2 inches long. She is now in the 10-25th percentile. She loves to smile and of course that makes us just melt. She is holding her head up well and we have been working on our tummy time. She can hold her up at a 45 degree angle during tummy time. That makes me feel good considering her adjusted age is 6 weeks behind her actual age.

She is doing really well sleeping at night. Most nights she sleeps 3-4 hours between feedings. Some nights she will go 5-6 hours! Still sleeping in her car seat though. She has such bad reflux and hates laying flat to sleep.

Her crying in the evenings has improved. We have figured out a good napping schedule during the day which has really helped the fussiness in the evening. She is just so worn out some evenings that she still cries, but it is better than it was. We have also tried Gripe Water which seems to help with her gassy tummy.

Here are some pictures from the last month.

Harper visiting with our good friend Danny.

These are pictures from the baby shower that my co-workers threw for us. It was supposed to happen in September, but plans changed!

It's a's a's a pillow pet!

 Harper with Marla.

Baby elephant made by Pat. It is so cute! We named it Lily after the new elephant at the Oregon Zoo. And because Harper's middle name is Lily.

Amber is so excited in the background! Thank you for hosting Amber.

A couple of pictures of our Christmas with my family. I wish we had more pictures with family members, but man, the weekend flew by!

Harper and Uncle Scott.

I can't believe how much she has grown in the last month. Look at those little chubs on her legs! I love it!

It is so hard to capture some pictures because she is so wiggly. Everyone we visited with this month cannot believe how active she is. No wonder she is so tired at night!

Outfit from Aunt Osh and Uncle Scott. In three month size!!!

I love this face. It cracks me up!

 Christmas Eve! Pajamas from Great Aunt Jolene.

Her stocking is bigger than she is!

Tried to capture this adorable smile, still cute even though the photo is blurry.

First Bruce t-shirt from Daddy.

Janie and Jack dress from Mommy.

We had a wonderful Christmas at home, just our little family. Harper got lots of books and some clothes. Great Grandma Lane crocheted Harper some beautiful booties, jackets, and blankets too. Daddy got her her first basketball.

We are just loving watching our Little Squirrel grow. Each day is such a blessing and reward. We are so lucky!

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