Saturday, October 20, 2012

Harper,1 Month Old

Harper has been doing phenomenally since we came home. She now weighs 5 pounds 10 ounces. This girl loves to eat! We are still working on nursing since she is so small. She loves her Dr. Browns bottles though. We are sticking to her NICU schedule and feeding her every 3 hours, even if we have to wake her up. Since she was premature her little body does not cue her in to wake up and eat. Tal has been a great dad and loves feeding her and taking care of her.

Every Tuesday Harper and I go back to the hospital for a breast feeding class. I mainly like going because they weigh her and I can see how much weight she is gaining. It is so important for her to gain weight since she was a preemie.

Our little girl sure is feisty and a wiggle worm. I like to call her Squirrel because she just does not stop moving! Even when she sleeps she makes noises and movements all night long. She makes this funny little sound that sounds exactly like a billy goat. It cracks me up.

Goldie is adjusting to having Harper around. Mainly she just ignores her but sometimes she will come over and lick her hand or head. It is so cute.

Everyone always remarks at how long she is. Even though she is small our little girl is long. Tal likes that because he wants her to play basketball some day.

Here is our one month little girl!

The quilt was a gift from the NICU. A lady sews these beautiful quilts and donates them to the NICU for each baby to take home. Tal chose this really bright one. It was my favorite too!

I am going to take a picture of Harper each month with her owl and on her quilt to see how she grows over the first year. This picture was hard because she couldn't sit up on her own. Sorry for the poor quality. I was trying to hold her up and snap the pic at the same time. I tried to take another one but by then she had enough pictures.
On a side note I am doing well. My blood pressure is back to normal and after a few weeks of being really sore and walking around like a granny, I am feeling back to normal again. I have already lost 36 pounds since my doctor weighed me on September 18. That tells you how freakin swollen and full of fluids I was. My clothes fit me once again which feels wonderful!


  1. How truely awesome! I LOVE the picture with her yawning. Babies are cute when they yawn. Thanks for sharing this chapter of life with me (and all your other friends). It is a rewarding journey that you and Tal will do quite well. Being teachers, you both know what happens when parenting does not happen and when poor parents parent. I wish you all the best as your take on this part of life. I look forward to updates and not only seeing Harper grow, but hear about how you and Tal grow as well. God bless!!!

  2. She is beautiful! So glad to hear she is doing well. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous! What a generous gift!

  3. Love the yawning pic - how precious. Glad you both are doing so well.