Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School!!!

Boy have I been tired since going back to work! It is nice to be able to come home and rest for the most part. Tuesday night we had our Back to School night at school and I got to meet all of my new third grade families. It was a blast and I loved seeing all the kids but boy was I exhausted! Yesterday when I came home from work my ankles and feet were pretty swollen. That was a first. I rested the entire evening and that helped. When I woke up this morning I still felt really tired though. Luckily today is a non-contract day so I got to rest a little bit this morning before I go in to work and get my classroom ready for the first day. Here are the pictures of my classroom this year. I absolutely LOVE how everything turned out.

Here is the bulletin board right outside my classroom. Pinterest gave me the theme idea and I just went my own way with it. The little bird I painted is my favorite. He is just so cute!
 Wreath I made that hangs on my classroom door.
 This is the GIANT bulletin board in the hallway. Now I will have a place to hang all of my students' work. All I will have to do is clothespin it up on the wall. No stapling needed!

 Reused job chart from a couple of years ago. The colors worked so I just made inserts from cardstock I had.
 These tissue poms were ordered from Etsy. Don't you just love that site? I do! They came all folded together and then I just "fluffed" them. Took some time but I love how it turned out.
 My new way of posting my learning targets. So easy to write on with dry erase markers and then just wipe off. Thank you Pinterest!
 Lunch check in. Looks the same every year but I found popsicle sticks in the colors I needed.
 Our reading focus wall.
 I used fabric for a lot of my bulletin boards. I loved how the colors worked.
 Table markers that look like little nests.
 Not sure what I am doing with this board yet. I am thinking either a science or math bulletin board.
 More painting I did. Just a fun bulletin board over one of my bookshelves. I had painted the birdhouses earlier this summer along with the clay pots. The bird and "fly" sign I painted in my classroom on butcher paper.
 My new birthday treat idea! Thank you Pinterest! Now every kid will get to pick a silly straw out on their birthday since we are not doing classroom treats anymore.
 Gotta represent my Cougs!  This is my own personal board behing my desk.
 Even found some cute green things for my desk at IKEA and Jo-Ann Fabrics. The clay pots in my room were all painted earlier in the summer.
 New bathroom passes. Again, Pinterest!

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